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Curtains made just for you...

Choose from thousands of quality fabrics, from leading design brands such as, Sanderson, Clarke and Clarke, Harlequin, William Morris, Zoffany and more. Our experienced staff, with a passion for colour and style, will guide you through the whole process, from the perfect choice of heading and lining, to measuring, making up and hanging your beautifully finished curtains.

Need some inspiration? Why not pause for a while and view our gallery slideshows of stunning curtains

Our commitment to quality...

Whether hand-sewn by the finest makers or machine made, all of our curtains are made here in England.  We liaise closely with our makers to make sure each pair of curtains we order for our customers is made to the highest possible standards. When we say our curtains are made just for you, we mean just that.

Supplying high quality bespoke curtains is what we are all about, not inferior standard ready-mades. 

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