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Curtain poles and tracks...

If you`re buying a beautiful pair of new curtains, the last thing you want to do is diminish their beauty and impact by hanging them on an old tired looking plastic track, or a worn-out wooden pole with wonky brackets and rings.

We can supply and expertly fit a top quality pole or track that will show off your curtains to their full potential.

Feel free to view our images for inspiring ideas, or visit our gallery showrooms for ideas and advice.

Wooden curtain poles in soft, muted tones or contemporary metal poles with stunning finials, choose from hundreds of styles and finishes at Cornmeter Blinds!

Stunning curtains made to the highest standar from Cornmeter Blinds.jpg

Curtain tracks are your "stealth" option. Make them disappear into the background and give your new curtains centre stage!


Cornmeter Blinds can supply and expertly fit the highest quality metal tracks. Hand operated, corded or motorised. Precisely measured, smooth running bay window tracks are our speciality.

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